From full band setups to individual instruments or amps, we have you covered! What sets us apart is our extensive vintage instrument and amp collection. From top of the line vintage electric pianos, drums, amps, and more to the modern slick look of modern professional gear, your wish is our command!

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Yamaha Montage 8 (Black)
Yamaha Motif ES8 (Silver)
Yamaha Motif XF 6 (Black)
Yamaha Motif XS 6 (Silver)
Roland Juno DI
Nord Electro II
Moog Little Phatty
Moog Taurus I
Fender Rhodes 73 or 88
Wurlitzer 200
Hohner Pianette T
Midi Keyboards
Single and double stands

Tama Starclassic Bubinga (5pc White 22/10/12/16)
Pearl Session Custom Maple (5pc Black 22/10/12/14 or 8 pc Orange Sunburst)
Yamaha Maple Custom (5pc Natural Vintage 22/10/12/14)
Vintage Slingerland (5 pc Sky Pearl Blue or 4 pc Natural Maple bebop kit)
Large selection of Snare Drums modern and vintage! Yamaha, Pearl, Bison, Ludwig
Full array of cymbals- Zildjian, Sabian, & Paiste

Roland SPD-SX Drum Pad
3 LP Giovanni Hidalgo Congas
Lp Giovanni Hidalgo Bongos
LP Matador Timbales (14″/15″ Bronze)
Cajons- Flamenco and Peruvian
Leedy Vibraphone (Soprano Vibes C-C)
Glockenspiel / bell set
Musser xylophone
Assorted bongos, tambourines, cowbells, timbales and much more!

Eden WT 800 Amp Head
Eden 2x 10″ Cabinet
Gallien Krueger Legacy 800 Amp
GK Neo 410 Cabinet
Fender Precision Bass (P-Bass) USA

Fender Twin Reverb
Fender Deluxe

Need something else? Chances are we have it or can find it!