Looking to step up the sound for your event or performance? We can customize the perfect setup for you. From basic DJ systems to advanced large ensemble setups we have done them all! Our specialty is weddings and corporate events as well as small festivals and outdoor venues. Here are some examples of packages we provide:

STANDARD– A well priced solution for most bands – equipment includes:
16 Channel Mixer
1,000 W powered subwoofer speakers
2 x 1,000 W powered main speakers
2 Powered Monitor Mixes
Up to 5 SM57
Up to 5 SM58
4 DI Boxes
All required stands an cables are included.

Starting at $600 per day w/ Delivery & Engineer Included. (Ask About Rentals)

FULL SYSTEM– Perfect for 7 piece bands or larger
32 Channel Mixer
2 x 1,000W powered subwoofer speakers
2 x 1,000W powered main speakers
5 x powered monitor mixes
All instrument and vocal mics
Up to 4 wireless vocal mics
2 x Wireless In Ear Monitor Systems
4 DI Boxes
2 Lighting Trees w/ LED Par Lights
All required stands an cables are included.

Starting at $850 per day w/ Delivery & Engineer Included.

DJ PACKAGES High Fidelity Sound For Your Event To Keep People On The Dance Floor! Contact Us For Pricing


Midas M32 Digital Mixer
w/ (2) DL16 Digital Snake
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer w/ Doghouse
Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer
w/ s16 Digital snake
QSC Touchmix 16 Digital Mixer
Mackie SFX 16 Analog Mixer
Denon DJ Mixer
Mackie/ Yamaha 8 Channel Mixers

Meyer Sound UPA-1P Speakers
QSC KW153 1,000 Watt 3 Way Speakers
QSC K12.2 2,000 Watt Speakers
QSC K12 1,000 Watt Speakers
QSC K8 1,000 Watt Speakers
QSC KW121 1,000 Watt Speakers
QSC KS212C 3,600 Watt Subwoofers
QSC KW181 18″ Subwoofers
QSC KSub 2×12″ Subwoofers
TurboSound TFX12 Monitors
EV ZLX15P 1,000 Watt Speakers
EV ELX 112P 1,000 Watt Speakers
JBL 10″ Monitors
Hot Spot Monitors

Full array of microphones including Shure ULXD wireless mic units
Shure In Ear Monitors (PSM900)
Mic Stands
Table with draping and curtains
Lighting Trees w/ LED Par Lights
Full Pro Tools Recording Capabilities
Full Multi Camera Live Stream – Atem Mini Pro Video Switcher
Fuji XT3/ Sony & Canon HD Video Camera- Go Pro Video Cameras

Band Stands, Music Stands, iPad Stands, Stand Lights, Clips, and more.